Tender Ready Private Company Package


Register your own private company, become the director, and shareholder of your own business. We have packages that will allow you to trade formally, and apply for contracts and tenders. You choose your company name, and we reserve it for you.

What is Required?

  • Email address
  • Authorised share capital
  • Financial year end
  • Registered address
  • Postal address
  • Number of directors
  • Name of first director
  • Type of director (Executive / Non – Executive)
  • Full name
  • Surname
  • ID number
  • Marriage date (If applicable)
  • Physical address of director

Please email the above information to info@strategizeguys.co.za

Please note that a 50% deposit is payable prior to registration

Share distribution: Upon registration 100 shares will be authorised. It is your discretion of how much shares needs to be issued to each shareholder. Shares needs to be in quantities, and not percentages. Not all 100 shares have to be allocated at inception, shares can be distributed at a later stage for new or existing shareholders.

Upon successful registration all the documents will be emailed to you.

Duration: 14 Days